How To Become a Maths Scorer?

Maths is one of the important subjects in our academics. Just like Science, it has a huge number of concepts which requires our logic and thinking capabilities to understand. For some students solving math problems is fun, but for the rest, it becomes a nightmare. This is the reason why they sometimes fail to score well in main exams. Let’s take an example of Class 10th Maths. Student’s will learn here most of the basic concepts, like applications of trigonometry, mensuration, etc. Since 10th is a board exam, therefore, student’s should focus to get good marks in their final exams. Scoring with 100 marks in maths can help to balance the overall percentile. Here are some points which could help student’s become a Maths scorer.

  • Solve Previous Year Question Papers, to understand the question pattern and difficulty level. Also, marks carried by each chapter.
  • Attend all the classes without a miss and try to sit in the front row, to focus on your studies.
  • Prepare with respect to the syllabus prescribed by the Board, as question papers are designed based on these syllabi.
  • Practice more questions for which the concept is not clear. It will help to give a clear picture of the concept.
  • Always write and learn. Maths should always be practiced with Pen and Paper and never be memorized.
  • Complete the syllabus one month before the exam, so that, you can get enough time for revision. Do not keep anything to review for the last moment. It’s a bad practice.
  • Have 8 hours of sleep every day and eat healthy food. It’s necessary for students to maintain their physical and mental health during exams.
  • At the exam hall, as soon you get the question paper, read the complete questions first and attempt the ones for which you are 100% confident to solve.
  • Create a section to do rough calculations and try to maintain the cleanliness of the answer sheet.
  • Always solve the problems with a brief explanation and step by step procedure.
  • Draw the figures and diagrams, wherever required. Like for any question related to trigonometry, check whether any graphs could be drawn to support the answer.
  • Once you have done with your Maths paper, preview it once and check if any question is not missed.

Hope these tips will help you to score good marks in the Maths exam.

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