Solar Power – Educate Yourself

Solar Power - Educate Yourself

The use of solar power is more abundant than ever before. With the impact of greenhouse gases affecting us in many ways we never knew would happen, is happening in a pace that seems unstoppable. The environment is in dire need of being replenished by all its natural beauty, which is being stripped from it day by day.With our environment in shambles, our economy on the verge of collapsing, and the ever fluctuating cost of fossil fuels, it seems like we are on a see saw and the bigger guy is keeping us from getting our feet back on the ground. When will this vicious circle stop? When will we start to gain control? These are the questions that you have to ask yourself in uncertain times.We have to think about the future and our children, and what we will leave behind for them, when it is there turn to take over where we have left off. Do you think it’s difficult now? Think of the next generation and the challenges that they face. This is why we need to take control of our actions and pass them on to the anchor man in the race.We cannot gain ground in single numbers. We need to have our voice heard in groups and in countries, and be as a whole to control the out come of our one and only environment. We need to truly seek alternative resources and implement them. We have them, but it seems the push to use them is not there, at least with the powers that be. It seems that special interests play a bigger part, and are more important than gaining control of our environment.The sun delivers 1000w/m2 of sunlight when the solar rays hit the earths surface. This is 1000 watts or 1kw per cubic meter. On all of the earths surface at some point in time within a 24 hour period. An average hair dryer is 1500w or 1.5kW. Do you see the abundance of energy we have that is there to harness. We need to implement more structures to capture solar power energy and use it to it’s fullest ability. There is no reason why this can’t be done.The choice is up to us. We can sit back and let it all go by. Or, we can step into the race and do our part to help end this vicious circle. No, it’s not going to take a few weeks or sadly to say, a couple of years. It’s going to take a generation with the willingness to succeed. This is why we need to implement change now, and take hold of our future which is yet to come.

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