Scope of Digital Marketing in India And It’s Career Opportunities

Scope of Digital Marketing in India And It's Career Opportunities

More than half the population in India owns a mobile phone, out of which approximately half of that number of people in India have smart phones. With that many number of people in the country having access to the internet, business organizations in India are finally realizing the scope of digital marketing. Long gone are the days when the only option businesses had to market their business was traditional marketing, like, putting up bill boards and hoardings, distributing flyers, giving ads in print media, TV and radio, listing their business in the local yellowpages, etc. The business organizations have changed gears and are now concentrating their budget and their resources towards online promotion, or digital advertising, creating an array of job opportunities in the field of digital-marketing in India. For a beginner, it might not be that easy to understand where to begin or how to begin. Firstly, there aren’t any prerequisites for starting your career as a digital marketer. You can be a high school pass out or an Ivy League business pass out, the fundamentals of online marketing are always going to be the same. Even though there are a lot of online as well as offline tutorials, eBooks, articles and blogs, explaining the basics of internet marketing, you always need that professional guidance in your initial steps to set your career as a digital marketer. Let’s look at some of the job roles in the field. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager Manages optimization of online pages and the website for a higher ranking on search engine result page, (SERP). Pay Per Click (PPC) Manager Manages marketing on a result page for a search engines and even social media for a specific online page or a website for a set of keywords. Social Media Marketing (SMM) Manager Manages optimization and marketing of content, text as well as rich media on social media platforms. Content Marketing Manager Manages content for all the organic and paid campaigns. Email Marketing Manager Manages content for the email, A-B testing, etc. Mobile Marketing Manager Manages marketing and optimization of online pages, websites, applications, etc. for different screen sizes. Digital Analytics Manager Analyzes data from different sources to measure and improve online sales and/or presence. Career opportunities in digital marketing in India are endless. Join the race today.

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